Mr. Turtle for Colecovision & ADAM

Mr Turtle for Colecovision is an new homebrew project I have developed. I am releasing it in cartridge form. Each game comes with:

1 – Game Box
1 – Game manual
1 – Insert to keep the cartridge from moving around inside box
1 – Colecovision / Coleco ADAM compatible game cartridge with label

Now I am offering Complete in Box copies for sale.Cost is $50USD + 12$ shipping to the USA & Canada. This would include insurance & a tracking #

Contact me at: if interested. Not through PM it’s easier for me to file the messages neatly in outlook so I don’t lose any info.

I’ll send an invoice and payment is through PAYPAL only at this time. Payment info will be in the e-mail when I reply. Do not send payment til I reply with the paypal address as I don’t want to take any money til I’m ready to ship yours out within a reasonable amount of time.

If outside the USA or Canada send me your shipping address and order info and i’ll send you a shipping quote to your location. Here is the base price to mexico for instance but there is no tracking #. So including the packing box I could still do that surface to mexico for $12 but if you want it faster the air presumably would be faster if you want to pay for that option I guess $21. similar prices to germany.

Small PacketTM – International Surface – $12
Small PacketTM – International Air – $21

The costs to uk & europe is prohibitive if using a tracking #, $49  and up according to canada post website. There is however a $12 option for surfacemail to UK & Germany … and I assume france etc. but there would be no tracking. It would be best if you had a canadian or usa address.

You can reference the development thread here to see how it came to be.

Thanks for your support


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