Sanyo MBC 550


I will host and provide links to disk images for the Sanyo MBC 550/555 home computer system. The disk images can be used with the new emulator support in MESS ( They can also be used if expanded on an original Sanyo MBC 550 system if you have one.

I am looking for any and all images or even original disks that I can convert for this classic computer. Looking specifically for games or programs. I have a bunch already that is from my own system which I am converting into working disk images and storing. Many of my disks no longer work though and I would love to add to my collection of software for this system which was my childhood computer before they become lost for ever.

I programmed about 40 games in sanyo basic on this system. I will be providing some of these as well in the near future. I meant to release them years ago in the 80′s but there was no internet then so very few people seen any of them. Nothing spectacular now but someone might find it interesting. Some of the disks are corrupt and I have lost them for good though.

If you have any sanyo mbc 550/555 disks or a disk image please contact me at . I would love to add them to this archive.


The MBC-550 package from Sanyo consists of a 16-bit, 8088-based, single board computer with 128K of RAM, a 5 1/4 disk drive, a keyboard with five function keys and a numeric keypad, color graphics capability, and a software package with Sanyo Basic, MS-DOS 1.25, Easywriter, WordStar, and CalcStar.

Sanyo MBC 550 Vintage Computer Fan Site

It has some support files. Somes games . 1 Magazine and I’ll be adding more. Please lave a comment if you have anything about the sanyo to add. Always looking for additional vintage Sanyo 550 software.

The Old site is still here:

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