MITGA #2 .

I have started a book #2! MITGA aka “Mortality In The Grey Arena” is my own homemade hand drawn, personally written anthology adventure / horror / humor series. The first story is about an unusal snake cult that control their serpent lord … with hand puppets.

I became frustrated with gate keepers in the comic & animation industry who don’t want to let anyone with original ideas in. So I figured out how to do it from scratch.

Book #1 below was a success the moment I received it from print. It’s a little rough as I am learning still but just to be able to complete a comic, cover, print setup and have it made was a very satisfying experience. Being able to complete a project is a skill not everyone has and every time I do complete a project its a win.


This series allows me a creative outlet from my barbarian themed adventure stories in the mold of Conan. I love the black & white art, inking and water colour style of art and it sets the mood of an ancient time period.

It allows me also to though in various horror themed stories like I always read in my youth in the vain of Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King or various pulp fiction comics. With self publishing I can make the stores exactly as I envision them.

Then there is the morbid humor. My favorite past time from high school scribbling days. Drawing silly morbid humor comics with little to no filter. Nothing like letting the barbarian off the lease from reality in cartoony comic style. Not for the faint of heart but if you have a sense of humor you’ll love it.

Leo Brophy