RACCOON’s BAD WEEK comic strip book. (c) 2019 Leo Brophy

RACCOON’s BAD WEEK available on amazon and more places soon.

After my first black & white comic strip book I kept drawing the characters of Rob Raccoon, Simon Salamander & friends. This time in full colour! So now is a collection of over 100 new full colour comic strips from the sarcastic animals.

This 34 page book is large format 8.5″ x 11″ so it’s a pleasant size to read. The first black & white book was a pocket book reminiscent of the comic strip pocket books I read in the 70’s of Heathcliff & Charlie Brown.

This is the size and style of the Garfield collection books. I don’t have the quantity of strips yet to make a super thick volume like the garfield collections but hopefully in time I will.

Gerry Brophy

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