Comic books are Good.

Now that seems like a simple statement but it would instantly start a debate in most rooms. Some people would say they are too violent or sexist. Some would argue it’s just good escapism with great art. That would instantly pivot the argument to the art doesn’t look like anyone I ever seen in real life. Someone would counter with bugs bunny is not supposed to look realistic.

Soon the arguments would pivot to the story and characters. It’s too simple and they should just read a text only book. I’ve heard this said aloud that comics are not allowed because the child is not going to learn anything from as it is a waste of time & money. Here read this book , it was written in the 18th century.

Now I agree that you should read text only books and many of the older classics are indeed that old. I read stories from them with my daughter. I make her read some of it aloud and I read some of it aloud. She is picking up some grammar from it and learning an important lesson. That a long boring book, if read a few pages at a time, will eventually come to an end.  

Cynical though that may sound it’s sometimes true. However the same lesson she can apply to a book that she wants to read. One page at a time and keep going. She has read several full length books totalling hundreds of pages.

She however started by reading comics. She continues every week reading comics. Good old fashioned printed on pulp paper comics. I have a large collection and we pick up more when she’s gone through them all. She also has a subscription to some Archie digests. She really loves getting them in the mail and addressed to her. She reads them multiple times the same day. It’s good to teach her that snail mail can bring nice things other than just bills.

The content of the books is a personal choice. Personally I prefer traditional comic characters like Garfield,  Heathcliff, Looney Tunes, the modern Scooby Doo comics and Archie comics. She likes reading some of the Pokemon books and some current comics too so that is fine. I just make sure to preview them. I usually read her a few more serious comics that are still appropriate so she can see that you can do meaningful, serious stories in this form as well.

I can’t overstate how good a habit this is. It makes reading accessible and fun. The characters are colourful and good company for the reader. It’s a quiet and portable pastime that develops a habit of being able to spend time alone reading. It will keep them from getting depressed. It will encourage them to read more and not just default to a video playing device. It might even lead to a career.

I see, at family dinners, so many kids with their face staring at a tablet or phone 16 inches away from their face. They often only get up to move when they need to plug in for recharge. What they really need is to recharge themselves with a nice tactile comic book near a window.

Leo Brophy

Comic books are real books too

I’ve made a few books listed below and am working on more.

look for the upcoming new full colour THE BIG ROCK VOLUME 2 coming out summer 2019




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