Everyone Dies at “The End” #1

Art work in progress for my upcoming coming comic. it’ll be # 2 in my Mortality in the Grey arena series. I am going to rename the series to “Everyone Dies at “THE END” which was my original title. So I’m reverting really.

This is an anthology book which means it has more than one short stories within the same book that are unrelated to one another. There my be recurring characters from one book to the next.

I am doing conan esq story as you can see above. Another un related fantasy story about werewolves and a 3rd that will be a rewrite/repurpose of a popular gumbo series I did in high school.

3 stories –

1) very serious fantasy story
2) short story based upon ghost or mythology.
3) My favorite fantasy cartoon style in the style of GROO! Colour!

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