Piggy & The Biggest Rock kids book now #1 new book in children’s pig books on amazon

The Big Rock – A new 128 page Comic Strip Book from Leo Brophy

This is a larger size than the original. it is 5.5″ Width by 8.5″ Height with new cover art

Just printed in hard copy form. Now available as an ebook too.

Amazon Canada Link

or if you are in the USA or abroad you can get it in ebook or hardcopy direct from Amazon

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New children’s book written & illustrated by Leo Brophy. Brother Pig, Cousin Pig & Piggy have a nice little home in their happy valley. There is a a large Rock however that
hangs over them on a nearby hill. It bothers them everyday and worries them. What can they do about the problem. Should they ignore it and just hope for the best?

24 Pages

Sure to be a collectors item as it is the 3rd of many books. Say you were the first to own an original direct from the author/artist.

All Original Characters and stories.

Age appropriate from 0 years – Adult

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